d.freemont, Inc is the Official DAVOSA Importer to the USA
The DAVOSA watch division of d.freemont, inc has been servicing DAVOSA customers for over 15 years


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We have been servicing DAVOSA customers for over 15 years.

d.freemont, Inc is the
Official DAVOSA Importer
to the USA 



David F. McCready

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1993 marked the beginning of the sustainable development of the DAVOSA brand. 1993 was also the year in which Hasler & Co S.A. began cooperating with watch distributor, Bohle GmbH, who has been active in the German market since the 1960s.

The mechanical watch was already experiencing something of a renaissance in Germany, where a high-quality, limited collection of mechanical timepieces under the brand name DAVOSA was a resounding success. Watch retailers and watch aficionados alike appreciated the combination of superior workmanship, high mechanical precision and a contemporary design that is classic enough to endure. The success of this first collection prompted further successful series and the cooperation between Hasler & Co. SA and Bohle GmbH became ever closer over the years.

In 2000, Corinna Bohle took over responsibility for strategic brand development, and both marketing and distribution are now managed from Germany. The contours of the characteristic DAVOSA design were further honed and brand quality was optimized through the acquisition of new specialist suppliers. One result of this repositioning was the production of the first limited series, the DAVOSA Panamericana, in 2002 – a particular milestone in the brand's history. The entire series can now be found in the portfolios of private watch collectors.

Today the DAVOSA brand, carried by an independent, family-run company, has a global presence and is an integral part of the mechanical watch world.

To see the complete line of DAVOSA Watches, visit  DAVOSA  |  DAVOSA on Facebook  |  DAVOSA on YouTube


Customer Comments:

"I wanted to let you know I received the watch today and it is absolutely perfect.  Thank you so much for your responsiveness to my multiple questions and concerns, as well as the fast shipment.  I am very impressed with DAVOSA's fit and finish and will revisit your site when I am ready to purchase again."  JH

"Thanks to all for the great service. I received the watch and its very nice. Just what I wanted at a good price Thanks again for everything." MF

"I received the watch today. It is sized and on my wrist.
I like it very much and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service that you two provided. Plus, thank you for regulating the movement and the extra bracelet link - much appreciated."  CT

"I just got the Titanium watch and it look AMAZING! Thanks for the service and honesty. Looking forward to getting another time piece in the next months, Take care and we'll be in touch.  God Bless."  OZ

"Hello, I just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail to let you know that I received my new Speedline, and let me say that once again, you did not disappoint. Visually the watch is eye catching. The detail is very sharp, and the weight and feel is just right. I am glad I took a shot with DAVOSA. Well, not really a gamble, since I trust in your time pieces, and those that you personally endorse. It is a fine addition to my watch collection-32 total. Now that I have discovered DAVOSA, I am interested in a couple of the Metropolitans, and definetely an automatic Diver. Thank you for the great service, I expected nothing less from you and Barbara."  DL

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my recent DAVOSA watch purchase, the Vireo day/date in Rose Gold.  The watch does indeed look better in person than in pictures. The workmanship appears to be flawless. The watch is rather large, which for me takes a little getting used to, but makes a nice statement on the wrist.  I was pleasantly surprised by the mineral back and luminous hands, neither of which were mentioned on the DAVOSA site.   Overall, quite a value.  I have timed the watch over the past week, and it consistently gains about 8 seconds a day, which is quite acceptable.  Thank you for your excellent service and communication with this purchase."  BD

"I received my Davosa watch last Friday 6/22. One week after I ordered it. I want to thank you for such a quick turnaround from the time I placed my order to the time I actually received it. I bought the Ternos Professional Blue Dial/Blue Bezel, 161.559.40. I have been watch collecting for about 15 years now and I do have some high end watches (or should I say watches that cost too much) but I would say over the last 5 years I have been buying more on the value associated with dollars spent. I have been in the hunt for a new watch the last couple of months. It wasn’t until about a month ago when I stumbled onto the watch brand “Davosa”. After watching plenty of YouTube videos and reading reviews on line, I decided to give the watch brand a try.  All I can say is I couldn’t be happier. The size is great on my wrist. The color blue used on the dial and bezel are perfect. The band has heavy screws being used and a divers extension. Where the band attaches to the case is extremely tight, that is an area that I often see a fair amount of wiggle. The watch is keeping amazing time. I have been losing about -1 second a day. Everything from the scratch resistant ceramic bezel to the fit and finish, to the glow of the watch could not be better.  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.  Once again thank you." VR (San Diego CA)

"I’m very happy to say my DAVOSA TERNOS DIVER watch and box arrived yesterday. I was surprised to receive them, as I haven’t received any communication that they were on the way. After unboxing, I was truly impressed with the contents within the shipping box:
a. The outer and inner watch boxes are excellent – esp. the inner watch box; in fact, it’s very beautiful and will be displayed so visitors to our home will see it.
b. I was impressed with the attendant documents inside, esp. the tips on correctly adjusting the s/s bracelet and the letter detailing the recalibration done on my watch. I’ve never had such information before – not even from ROLEX. (I have a Rolex DateJust on two-tone jubilee bracelet my wife purchased for me ten years ago.)
c. The watch itself is exquisite!! Indeed, as someone wrote, having a DAVOSA watch is “like having a ROLEX at 1/15th the cost.” I can truly attest to that. The dial details are excellent, the ceramic bezel is beautiful, the date window cyclops is OUTSTANDING and very much ROLEX quality level, and the workmanship on the watch itself is simply beautiful. The watch is solid, heavy, and wears very well on my wrist. I’ve already posted pictures of it on some of the watch forums I belong to.
d. THANK YOU for your personal correspondence and service; indeed, they are very outstanding.
Now, I plan on wearing my watch for a while to ‘TEST WEAR IT,” if you will, to see how it holds up with daily wear. Although I take very good care of my watches, I can inadvertently be rough on them as well. After watch video reviews of my watch on YOUTUBE, I’ve discovered another DAVOSA watch I want to acquire – the DAVOSA homage to the ROLEX YACHT MASTER. (I believe the model number is 161.555.10. It IS a beautiful watch and will someday make it mine.)
Again, David and Barbara, THANK YOU for your assistance in introducing me to the world of DAVOSA watches. I believe these watches are a treasure!  Best to the Both of You," DL

"I received a DAVOSA Speedline from you yesterday and just wanted to say thank you. As well as being a very nice piece I was very impressed with the promptness with which the purchase was completed and the item shipped for delivery (ordered on a Saturday and received by Wednesday). I was also pleasantly surprised to see the thank you card inside the package and I must say that this is such a simple touch that makes the buying experience more personal and is lacking from many other retailers. I have purchased from many online stores and retailers around he world but this is by far the most gratifying purchase that I have experienced and I look forward to buying from you again in the future. Please keep up the good work as it really does make a difference!!! All the best."  JS

"Having never seen any DAVOSA before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  It is exactly what I was hoping for.  I love it.  Thank you for your combination of great watches, at great prices, with great service!  Gotta buy more d.freemont!”  MG

Thank you for sending the watch so quickly, I really appreciate the fantastic customer service. This watch is fantastic, it's huge and solid, which I love.  The workmanship and quality is top notch. Even though this watch is big, it sits perfectly on my wrist, I can't be happier. Expect more purchases from me in the future.  By the way, the price was great as well." James

"I bought a watch from d.fremont for the quality of the movement and timepeice. I never expected the unbelievable level of customer service and support that David and Barbara would provide! Now I know I made the right decision and look forward to passing my beautiful watch down in my family for generations to come." JB

"I am so impressed (again) with your service and the massive changes DAVOSA made to their Ternos line.
The obvious changes are the upgrade to the bracelet with the milled buckle and diver extension. They even polished the extension which is a nice touch. I also like the screw-in links...another sign of quality. Overall, the bracelet has a smooth feel to it, buttery and substantial. And the finish is outstanding.
Another obvious change is the ceramic bezel. This really brightens up the dial and further pushes this line into the entry-luxury category. It appears the dial is ceramic as well since it matches the bezel in color and smoothness perfectly. If the dial is not ceramic, they did a superb job!
Now the subtle changes...THE CROWN! The biggest improvement yet IMHO. The threads are now on the outside of the crown tube which gives better torque and strength. The next is the "declutching" of the crown when securing it, meaning, it disengages winding while screwing it down. I like that." TK

“As you promised, my new watch arrived today by Express Mail.  It was my desire to purchase a quality timepiece with a manual wind movement, and the DAVOSA has met all my expectations.  The look of the watch reminds me of high-end Swiss products made prior to 1970.  These were the watches that got me hooked on watch collecting in the first place, and it’s so refreshing to see this level of quality again in a modern timepiece.  This seems to be the case with all products I have seen from d.freemont and I congratulate you on your dedication to quality and value.  I am proud to add this watch to my collection, and I will definitely sing the praises of your organization to my friends and associates.”  JT

"I recently purchased a barely used DAVOSA  pilot watch from you (looks brand new)...I truly love it! It has been  a pleasure doing business with you.  Once again it truly has been a pleasure dealing with a company that  values customer service....hard to find these days!"  BH

“Having never seen any DAVOSA before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It is exactly what I was hoping for.  I love it.  Thank you for your combination of great watches, at great prices, with great service!  Gotta buy more d.freemont!”  MG

Thank you for sending the watch so quickly, I really appreciate the fantastic customer service. This watch is fantastic, it's huge and solid, which I love.  The workmanship and quality is top notch. Even though this watch is big, it sits perfectly on my wrist, I can't be happier. Expect more purchases from me in the future.  By the way, the price was great as well." James

"The DAVOSA arrived not 10 minutes ago and I am wearing it. As usual, despite the quality of the images on your website, the pictures did not do this handsome watch justice. As always, I am extremely pleased with my purchase and look forward to my next ones with great anticipation. First the Semi-Skeleton then the Precision Automatic (unless you tell me that for reasons of supply the order should be reversed).  I thank you for designing and providing these beautiful time pieces." CH

"The watch arrived today.  It is really nice, the actual watch looks so much better than the pictures on the website.  The strap is just a little smaller version than the one on the gold chronograph.  I do not recall seeing a hand wound watch with both a date window and sweep second hand. (and I've looked at a lot of watches)  DAVOSA really makes a quality product for the price.  They would still be good buys at twice the price.  There has to be a way to better show the watches on the website.  
I am convinced you would sell more of this brand if you could really show off the quality.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for DAVOSA or dfreemont for that matter." DC

"I received the Limited Edition DAVOSA watch early this week (it only took 2 working days to arrive, which is impressive), and have been wearing it ever since. I'd like to thank you for your extremely prompt, courteous and efficient service. I'm very, very happy with the watch. It's an elegantly simple design (it doesn't look the cockpit of a 747). Both the face and the movement are beautifully finished, and the case has a pleasing solidity and presence about it, without excessive bulkiness. And, of course, all this for a very reasonable price (I'd have paid literally twice as much if I'd got this watch from a local jeweler's store). So, thanks again. Next time I purchase a watch I shall certainly come to you."  AD

"Received the beautiful DAVOSA watch yesterday evening. It is a truly gorgeous piece, perfect size, great detail.  Thank you for  carrying this watch and providing exceptional service."  FA

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Russell Charlier

Over the years ( David Freemont McCready ) president of d.freemont, inc - has provided Swiss watch service for the d.freemont, Davosa and many well know Swiss watches. This has led to the expansion of these services to include most Swiss watch brands. A new licensed facility has been established in Minnesota ( DfreemontSWR ) by Russ Charlier, owner/director. Russ is a respected certified watchmaker with a solid reputation… Russ’s facility is your 1st choice for out of warranty watch service.

Russ’s new facility DfreemontSWR is now open to provide regular service on (out of warranty ) Swiss watches…
Contact -
dfreemontswr@gmail.com  DfreemontSWR will reply and review your service needs.

Over the next few months, if you need warranty (watches purchased within past 2 yrs) service on d.freemont or Davosa -
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dfreemont@earthlink.net  – d.freemont will review your service request.


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